Over the years we have been taking a number of schools for 3/5 day surf camps.For schools that don’t wish to camp we can accommodate you as well.

This is where schools book in at Pataua Education trust camp in Pataua North, this is featured in one of the links in my web site.

Surfpad has its own programme for these events, we have our own RAMS, provide a one to five ratio for school groups, often our class size is 10 at a time doing rotations, with other activities such snorkelling with EMR or sometimes schools have their own kayaks’.

Surfpad also has paddle boards as another rotation. We have a very good teaching program for this as well, we have an awesome estuary which is perfect for paddling in.

Surfpad has 33 surfboards, a good selection of wet suits and fully decked out with rash shirts, which often in the height of summer is all the students need to wear if they are just out for a group school lesson.