Surf School

Surfschool Documents - please contact Di for documents. Click here

Here at SurfPad we recommend three lessons for the total beginner, we have a good range of learner boards designed by Bic, so they are almost bullet proof.

Size ranges from 7.3 to 9 footers, all leg ropes and extra wax provided.

We have a good range of wet suits and rash shirts, but you are more than welcome to bring your own wet suit, if you wish.>

First lesson

Our first lesson is in the estuary, where you learn you basic paddling skills how to manevour your board, how to log roll, body lift and how to jump to your feet. Some real basic stuff that you should all know before you go out into the open surf.

Basic surf rules are taught at this stage. (eg; how NOT to drop in)

2nd lesson

We go over the same stuff that you learnt in the first lesson, but you learn to use these skills in the surf. You get to practice your body lifts and do some serious log rolls into waves, you'll learn to spin your board round and then we will start pushing you in to waves and getting you jumping to your feet. A lot of fun is had by all, be prepared to be pretty tired at the end of all your lessons.

Surfing is a totally different sport and you are using new muscles you didn't know existed, plus you have the waves and tide working you as well.

3rd lesson

Sometimes we have to go over the 2nd lesson with you doing much the same thing , but we try at this stage to get you to start paddling for your own waves. Depending how quick you pick this sport up is how far you advance at this stage, wave selection comes in to this lesson.

We hope & assume that between all these lessons you have had a chance to practice, because that's the name of the game, practice.

Surfing is the most fun and challenging sport I have ever done. I hope that you all get as much fun out of it as I and Nev do.

I always say its not how good you are - its what you get out of it and providing you are all enjoying yourselves thats the best buzz you can ever can only go forward.