Owner operator of the Surfpad, surf school.

Trained Registered Anaesthetic Technican, working for Mobile Health one out of five weeks and at times more and locum Anaesthetic Technician in the winter months which leaves me the summer to teach surfing. Specialising in airway management as my winter job, is a good background for my job as a surf instructor. I am very up to date in CPR, which is a useful skill around the water. Most of my life has involved the ocean, with swimming and diving. I have a level one qualification in surfing.

Diana surfing at Pasta Point, Maldives

My job of passion - surfing has been a huge buzz for me because there are not many jobs where you hang out with great groups of students teach them to embrace surfing, get a tremendous sense of success watching people learn how to master the sport, also getting to work with like minded surf coaches who enjoy the same buzz. Is always good to watch other instructors, swap ideas and it's a good time to have a good laugh going over your day at the end of a session.

Teaching surfing is all about technique and patience. It's a hard sport to learn and can leave you feeling frustrated but you have to not take yourself too seriously, it's not about how good you are, it's really about how it makes you feel. I also do paddle boarding which is a lot of fun providing the surf is not to big. You can always paddle the flat stuff but I prefer to surf it. Not everybody manages to surf but anyone can paddle board.


Neville has been surfing for 25+ years, his surf knowledge is out standing making him a awesome asset to surf pads surf camps which he helps run, when needed. Neville has surfed in countless contest in his time. Has done lots of judging, and organising of surf contest.

Maldives surfing at Pasta Point

Bali, Australia His latest buzz is stand up paddle boarding which he loves because its a new sport for him and he is finding it really challenging, and is enjoying the newness of the sport.

When he's not helping with surf pad he is running Lastrite Footwear from home, supplying good quality footwear throughout NZ and online though our web site www.lastrite.co.nz.

Neville's other interest include fishing, swimming, walking and relaxing with mates over a cold one. He until recently played soccer in the winter months.

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